Spring 2019 Donors:


Making Authentic Friendships

Rotary Club of Needham

Needham Florist

Capron Lighting & Sound Co.

Bluebee Pals

Happy Hands Toys

Warby Parker

Breathe Cambridge


Sensory Goods

Bed Bath & Beyond

Broadway in Boston

TLC Eyewear

Geek Club Books

Little Words Project

Sounds Like Autism Podcast

Pinestraw Wellesley




Blenders Eyewear

ASD Life Coaches LLC

Erin Cole

Katrina Araujo

Sally Pla

Wendi Dial

Jane Iannaconi

Kim Silverman

Darrin Dickie

Ernest Steeves

The Pero Family

The Condon Family

The Boas Family

Contributors to Letters:

Haley Moss

Sally Pla

Dani Bowman

Rachel Barcellona

Erin Clemens

Sue Abramowksi